Time to Update

I’ve not updated anything here since September, so I am definitely overdue to post an update on my projects.

So here’s what’s going on!

For several months I’ve been working on a sequel to The Enchanted Cave. I’m collaborating with a talented artist on this, and it’s coming along well, just a bit slow due to both of us having other obligations.

Currently however, I am taking a short break from this (because there are many months left of development time on TEC2), and I’ve begun working on a platformer game, with the major theme of collecting powerups that grow or shrink your character, affecting the way you navigate levels and fight enemies. The theme is very light and humorous, with the goal of creating some quality gameplay that is solid fun to play. Screenshots to come soon!

I’d like to start posting regularly here with updates, if that’s what people want. So if you’re reading this, firstly, thanks for reading! And secondly, leave a comment even it’s as simple as “more updates plz!”. Those always help give me a little boost in motivation to make great games. 🙂


16 thoughts on “Time to Update

  1. Yay! TEC2 :D. Just an idea, what about an experience bar for TEC2? Cause sometimes I have runs where I collect no artifacts and its a bit painful. Also, what about a way to get to those locked off areas(the chests and enemies that are inaccessible….)

    Anyway, looking forward to TEC2 and The Platform game 🙂

      1. so whats been going on with tec2? lol… sorry… any ideas on a timeline? laughing because you most likely hate answering that question.. just excited to see what u have come up with.. i have played the first game many times.. love it..

  2. Hey I really loved TEC, eagerly awaiting the second. Interested in seeing what you do with the platformer as well. Keep it up!

  3. more update plz!

    I want more information about TEC2 and how it will be like.

    I really hope, TEC2 will have something like an endless mode with an “infinite” amount of floors and enemies continuously becoming stronger. I just dislike caps in general and enough effort invested into longevity of the game will for sure be rewarded by a decent amount of additional game plays. In my amateur opinion this is one of the most common mistakes with games: the beginning is incredible, the concept is great but the content either is really short or becomes more and more flawed. Of all the games I played in my entire life, only very few managed to satisfy me for a long period and only a single one managed to even increase my passion over time.

    1. Thanks for the input! When the time comes around I will explain the features planned for TEC2. I’ve thought of an endless mode where the game repeats but enemies stats are multiplied and you keep your previous stats, just for those who want to keep playing.

      1. Thanks for replying! =D I appreciate it.

        Your idea of an endless mode is great! Just consider 2 things:
        1. New items even after the playthrough. A simple idea that comes into my mind is to create 1-3 legendary sets (different stats for different playstyles) with an item for every single slot that scales with the floor it is dropped on, e.g. basic stats multiplied by 1+floornumber/100 whereas the first floor of the second repeat counts as floor number 101 (if TEC2 has only 100 floors as well) and so on.
        2. A way to choose the “number of repeat” so that I can return to the first one and can literally feel my character’s progress.

        Here comes into my mind that you could spare the endless mode and simply make everything in the same dungeon that everything repeats all x floors (x = the number of floors for playthrough, like in TEC = 100) with as you mentioned enemies with multiplied stats. This could be explained by a simple twist making this game basically an endless story itself like Infinity Blade. With a nice and neat teleport function after the first playthrough (maybe where you can insert a number yourself which is multiplied by x and the teleport destination for crazy hardcore gamers that reach floor 2000 and beyond).

        Maybe add hotkeys for spells too.

        You don’t have to do anything I suggest, my ideas might be flawed and I am quite unexperienced with programming.

        I just hope that I can help you to come up with the one or other good idea. =D

        Thanks for making awesome games!

        1. Ah no your ideas are good; game design is completely different than programming. You’ll definitely be able to choose which floor to start on, and there will also be hotkeys, not only for spells, but whatever you want, whether that’s potions or a sword that you want to be able to switch out with your equipped one with one key.

          The infinite mode had great potential, but I’m thinking the flash game may just have a basic one. If I ever port the game later to iOS I’ll add more features and of course simply more items and enemies.

  4. I have this RSS feed on my Aggregator so yes more updates please.

    Although I pretty much never like paltformers, so to be honest I don’t really care about that one. I’m a roguelike fan.

  5. less updates plz!
    …im just kidding, because it’s opposite day for me.
    beeing serious again, regularly updates would be awesome & I can’t wait to see this new platformer in action.

    1. haha, thanks for the comment! I’m glad to have someone comment only a couple hours after I posted. So far the platformer’s going well, and I have a lot of (what I think anyway) are fun ideas, so I’m pretty excited for it.

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