An experimental action-RPG is now in development!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any development updates here but behind the scenes I’ve been hard at work on a new (currently unnamed) project that I’m happy to share today:

spiders and hurt animation are placeholder

an early jungle test map

There are some very unique key features planned for this game that will make the word “experimental” make more sense that I will share with future updates, when I have plenty of finalized screenshots and gifs to accompany those details. All I will say now regarding that is that the game will be released for Steam Early Access with the player community playing an immense, central role in the development of the game.

I’m happy to share some details on the foundational layer of the game today however! The gameplay is similar to several classic action-RPGs with the following features:

  • Three character party system like the Mana series, with local co-op available, and online co-op being a possibility later on depending on demand and reception.
  • An alchemy system where ingredients are used instead of MP/Mana to cast spells. This is the magic system of Secret of Evermore, a special favorite of mine which I haven’t seen any modern twists on.
  • A dynamic sandbox-like environment to allow for creative ways to fight enemies. Fire that spreads to other burnable objects, destroyable objects, throwable objects, spells and effects that burn, melt, freeze, or shock enemies and objects, friendly fire on some powerful attacks from both players and enemies, and smart enemy AI to use these features appropriately.
  • Puzzles spread throughout the world and in dungeons, with some being necessary to advance and other very difficult ones being for optional loot.

A lot of updates you’ll see in the near future will be new features for the dynamic combat and some puzzle design. When I have completed features finished for the experimental core mechanic, that will receive it’s own post, along with details on the characters and story.

During this game’s development I will be streaming dev work on Twitch at least once a week, with streams being a core feature of development after the initial release to Early Access. I’m excited to share more details as more work is completed, so stay tuned, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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One thought on “An experimental action-RPG is now in development!

  1. This immidietly reminded me of the castaway series that is no longer playable, this however definitely has that pixelart style of yours just like it was taken from the enchanted cave 2. one like this one I played almost a year ago, called Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos. it was kinda okay. there was one more but I can´t find the name. anyway looking forward to it and glad to see something in motion. ready for testing when something is ready.

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