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  1. I’ve been playing the Enchanted cave series for a long time now, and I wanted to give my thanks. It’s an incredible game, and has gotten me through many long nights. Thank you for creating a game filled with little Easter eggs and details for us all to enjoy and discover, the amount of detail surprises me as I still find little things after all this time. I’m not certain if you’ll see this message, but thank you.


      1. So I just want to say I love The Enchanted Cave 2, great game, but I am having an issue. I beat the game, but I am stuck on the boss screen, I saved it, do you have to have escape wings after you beat the final boss?? It won’t let me start a new game + because of this.

        1. If you don’t already own the wings at that point, there should be a chest that appears with them in it after you defeat the boss

  2. I used to be a Python engineer and now I’m a Java engineer. Enhanced Cave 2 is fun. What should I learn if I want to make a similar roguelike in Unity on my own? By the way, I don’t have any art background, but I want to learn by myself.

  3. i really like your enchanted cave series. i bought last week the steam addition and since then playing it (kong version i played long time ago too).

    there are some issues with the crafted potions (if u use them the remaining potions from the stack changes. for example one with 2 x 14% crit becomes 28% crit. the effect is the same but if u make more it wont be added to the old stack). i also had once the problem that i couldnt enhanced item anymore (with the spell) after beating the final boss. but only one time so not sure how this was triggered.

    anyways, its a great game and the retro feeling from lufia, final fantasy or breath of fire is really good. really good job 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoy it! I think the potions work that way mainly to prevent the player from creating one powerful expensive potion with a high effect and then stacking the number of battles that effect is active by using many very cheap potions. I couldn’t find a simple solution without the math getting weird on averaging out effects or something.

      1. I love the game and have been playing this game for a long time. I always come back again and again to play but always feel like the telekinesis is underwhelming. I hope the developers see this and add an offensive use to the telekinesis where the cost to use it offensively cost 20 mp and a based on you attack stat and when use similarly to the transmutation skill is active till deactivate

  4. I think it will be perfectly fine to switching hero in the town freely.
    Since the switching can only be done in the town, changing some stats does not affect much in gameplay.
    Or you can also make the stat changes only happens while you start the game, changing in the town just change the looking of the hero.

  5. Hello, green goo for Android seems to have a bug. Default item stats are adjusted but player enchants aren’t. For example striker has 45% crit enchant instead of 15% but when you add mp regen it’s still only 3 or 4. So impossible to complete.

  6. gamer of the greedy cave here.
    would like to play this enchanted cave on android but google play not avaliable
    (do not reply ’cause S.P.Q.Sinae’s censorship you know)

  7. Loved The Enchanted Cave 2. I have noticed one MAJOR error in the Goo play through. The loot tables and stats are supposed to be adjusted, but neither of these occur, making the play through entirely impossible. I was also wondering if there is any plans for a third Enchanted Cave, despite your earlier reservations about doing one. Also if there aren’t any, as I’ve seen you suggest on other threads and forums, do you have any similar games in the workings?

      1. There aren’t any new creatures planned, you may be thinking of the mega update released last year. As for other games I’m working on a jetpack-based platformer right now that you may start to see more of soon.

        1. Yes I was referring to the creatures teased in the mega update, but I haven’t seen them while playing, are they exclusive to the higher levels of the new playthroughs like Labyrinth?

  8. I’ve recently redownloaded the game on a new device and was pleasantly surprised to be able to transfer my characters (2 new game ++) but realized I’d messed them up so I restarted. When I restarted I almost immediately noticed the boatload of new features. I particularly enjoyed the opened chest no longer being an empty space and the NPC showing on the map( As a side note, what is the deal with the shady vendor on the higher level floors that end in 9(79,89,99), is he some sort of bad guy?(he certainly isn’t friendly with that evil laugh)). I thought the game was great overall but made the mistake of running new game+ up to floor 90 and am now stuck like previous characters. So in a roundabout way of getting there, my question is, Will there be a total of 19 NPCs that we will get to interact with to correspond with the 19 missing people, and if there are no future updates planned to add them, what are you working on currently?

      1. Glad you’re enjoying the game! There aren’t any more NPCs planned and the 19 missing are just generic explorers that haven’t made it out as part of the story. Hope you enjoy playing through all the new game modes!

  9. Hello Dustin,

    First, let me tell you that I think Enchanted Cave 2 is an awesome game. I was looking for something like this for a while on iPhone, great job. I just have one problem, the saved games disapear when I close the app. I tried to redownload and reinstall the game but every time I close the app, I return to an empty 4 slots. I can save a game, go back to title and it is still there, but closing the app erases it.

    Help me play your awesome game!

    1. Hi, I’ve just published a new version – version 3.10 – that should fix this. You should get the update soon but it may take a little bit for your device to detect the update – let me know if this solves the problem!


  10. Hello Mr.Auxier ive been a long time fan of The Enchanted Cave game series, ive come to ask that you update your TEC2 game on Amazon store as it hasnt been updated in almost 3 years and id like to play all the new content on there, it would mean alot thank you 🙂

    1. Hi, this is coming soon! There’s been an issue with the android version correctly loading old saves so I’m trying to fix that and ensure it’s bug free before uploading the update there.

  11. Hi Mr Auxier,
    I had bought, played and finished the Steam version of game in 2016. However, as I recently heard of the major updates you made, I tried to launch it again on the same computer but I get the following a message box instead :
    “could not load module lime@lime_application_create_prime”
    I have to mention that the game is up to date (automatically updated by Steam) and that I play on a Windows XP computer.
    Thanks in advance for your help and congrats for the game!

    1. Hi, that’s strange. Can you go to where you have the game installed (can get there from right clicking the game on steam -> properties -> local files -> browse local files)

      and check to see if there is the file “lime.ndll” there, and that it has both “read” and “read and execute” permissions?

      1. Thanks for your answer.
        Yes, the file is present and permissions are ok, too.
        I even unistalled/reinstalled the game to be sure local files had not been corrupted.
        I’m not familiar with the “Lime” framework, but did you already use it the 2016 version of the game? If so, are you sure the current version is still Windows XP-compatible? I heard of “Lime Legacy”, could it work better in my case?

        1. Yes it’s the same framework used and should still work but the update uses the most up-to-date version of lime so something may have broken XP support there. I’ll have to ask around.

              1. Thanks for your answer, Mr Auxier. Nice to see developers taking care of their games’ community!
                I’m not in a hurry so do you think I’d better wait for the beta to become official or do you prefer me to try it as soon as possible? If so, is there any risk I lose my 20-hour-save if I try it?

              2. I can’t add a reply to my latest post so I add it here. I finally tried the beta: this doesn’t fix my issue, I still have the message “could not load module lime@lime_application_create_prime”.

  12. I already own the mobile version of EC2, which I’ve been addicted to since it was a free demo on Kongregate, and I still play EC1 from time to time as it’s still very good in its own right, but I am also going to pick up the desktop version. I think it’s awesome that you’re still working on this game when many developers could have rolled these ideas into another installment (which I would still love to see!). Thanks for making such a great game!

  13. With regards to your game Enchanted Cave 2, I have made a post on reddit. Please feel free to drop by and back up your own game. I have mentioned EC2 a few times on /r/roguelikes. I don’t believe it gets enough attention.

      1. Thanks for sharing! I’ll keep an eye on it and pop in to clarify things if anyone is confused about some details.

  14. Hi Dustin,
    Merry Chistmas! I am Jessie, a mobile game publisher. I really appreciate rouge-like game like The Enchanted Cave! I was sparked by your games,they are so awesome! If you like playing rouge-like game, I wish you could play my game. It is a RPG game and i think it cool. I wish I could hear some advice from you to make my game better:) Since you are the superior in my mind.
    Could I send my game to your e-mail box?

    1. Hi Jessie, sure I’d like to see it! I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to play it but I’d be happy to give an opinion on it.

      1. WOw,THANK YOU Ddustinaux! I am so glad you would like to see
        Previously we are busying with setting the game to make it more attractive. I believe we can make it before the Febury. I will send you a demo then. :)

  15. Hi, I like enchanted cave 2 quite much, I hope to see a 3rd installment.
    I was wondering, is the android version game is backed up online? or is there a way to take your progress to another phone?
    Best wishes to the team and will love to see more of your games 🙂

    1. Unfortunately progress is just saved locally. There may be a way to manually access the save files on a phone and move them to a new phone but that would take some know-how and is probably a different process for different models of phones.

      1. Thanks so much for answering promptly, knowing you must be very busy I really am thankful.
        If there is a way I’ll gladly research it, so any bit of info is helpful.
        I’m also hoping if there are any updates to the android version, it’ll include it, or for EC3 if there is one.

  16. There needs to be an EC3. EC2 was SO GOOD. One of my favorite games to date by far. I would definitely kickstart a threequel. Please, please, please think about it.

  17. Love your Enchanted Cave games. I have come across another game very much like them, and I was wondering if you had anything to do with it. It’s called Greedy cave.

  18. Please. Please please please!!!!! I need an Enchanted Cave 3 like addicts need their fix. Like a man in the desert needs water. Like Augustus needed to drink from the coco river!!!

    Any news to help ease my insatiable needs?

    1. Right now I can say there are some news that I think you’ll like… but it’s not Enchanted Cave 3. It’s early though so I’m not going to say any more right now. 🙂

  19. Hey, I played Enchanted Cave all the time as a kid!!! I loved it so much, you did an excellent job making it. I’m gonna buy EC2 soon, just saw you came out with it : )

  20. HI. Looking forward to playing this game. Got it from steam but when I tried to play it got an error says Custom ([file_write,stderr]) what can I do?

    1. Sometimes updated drivers fixes that, sometimes just trying again fixes it too. It’s a strange rare bug that’s happened to a few people.

  21. Dustin,

    I bought TEC2 for Steam, and loved playing TEC1 back on Kongregate, but want it on my smart phone too. Is there a way to port the license key over to the android market place?

  22. Bug in TEC 2 Kongregate Flashgame:
    empty a cave,then select “Exit to Title” and then “Continue” This will refill the cave with goodies. Im on level1 and now have 31 HPcrystal equipped and alot of other stuff.
    Couldnt this be easy fixed by making “Exit to Title” also autosave?

  23. Fun little game; are you still making updates to the Android version of the original Enchanted Cave? If so, feature request: show the player’s current equipment window when you’re in the shop, like the flash game does, so you can tap an equipped item to see its description. It’s tough to remember the stats of what you have equipped when you’re trying to decide if the stuff in the shop is better. On the flash version, you can still mouse over equipped items while in the shop, so it’s easy to compare.

    Sweet game, great laundromat time killer.

    Now if somebody would just make a Castle of the Winds Android port…

    1. Done making updates but yeah I agree that’d help. I think the reason for being different was screen size limitations on mobile phones makes it difficult to show a lot of information on screen at the same time.

      Glad you’re enjoying it!

  24. Congratulations Dustin. You made a good enough game that another company straight up cloned it, added all manner of minitransactions to it and, in my opinion, made it far worse. They even went so far as to base all of their art off of the style found in “Don’t Starve”

    The irony? It’s called “The Greedy Cave” which makes sense as that seems to be what fueled the process.

      1. They ripped off most of the story, items, mechanics… It may have enough materials to sue them. (If that can make them stop the microtransaction or you can gets royalties, would be a win)

  25. Hi. I like the Enchanted Cave. Interesting way to level up… One thing: I logged on at work and it cannot see the game I saved. Is it saved per machine?

  26. Just dropping by to say how much I love your game ‘The Enchanted Cave 2’. I found it on Kongregate and got so addicted! Now I’m even considering buying it on the Apple Store :D. I love how it’s so straight forward and basic. It’s such a refreshing change after all the heavier stuff that I usually play. Keep up the good work!

    1. Well I still love your game on iOS. My only con about it is the same tap motion to move the character. I feel that a D-Pad might have been better for the touch screen, since I imagine most people who come from the PC to the Smartphone version use their keyboards more often than the mouse.

  27. I hope you’ll stream a bit on your new mobile game. I think it’d be interesting and fun to see 3D development come together :).

  28. I like your new site design! Game development IS more fun than web development lol. I’m a web developer and do web stuff every day

  29. I have started Enchanted Cave 2 twice and somewhere around floor 60 I have saved my game. When I start back, I have lost all my items and accomplishments. I have invested time into this game and would like to be able to maintain my progress. Is this fixable? Is there any way to get my items back? I don’t plan on finishing the game in one sitting, but I would like to finish it. I like the game a lot, but this is disappointing at best.

  30. I found a bug in this otherwise wonderful game. If you attack a monster while walking over a stat choose gem, and level up without choosing a boost, and then choose a level up bonus, you will not be able to select a gem buff. However, the gem stays onscreen, and cannot be picked up.

  31. Just wanred to report an with the android version of enchanted cave 2. At times it can be really difficult to properly select an item on the bottom equipment bar (when in the equipment menu). Lots of varied pressing and tapping involed. Seems sort of like the sensetivity to drag the bar right and left is too high. Playing on a moto g.

  32. Hey man i emailed you probably 2-3 day ago about my boy getting on here and buying this and me mot knowing j just wanna know can u help me?

  33. Found a bug/exploit that will duplicate an item.

    1. Find an item in your inventory you wish to duplicate,
    2. Click on the item to bring up its description,
    3. Click the “Compare” button,
    4. Double-click the “Equip Here” button.

    The item will be equipped and another will be placed in your inventory.

    Will not work with items of which you have more than one.

  34. Well done on making a successful sequel to the original. Few minor suggestions for either future patches or the next game in the series.

    1. INFINITE Floors with increasing difficulty. Possible sidequest?
    2. Change what the player sprite looks like with different gear (Eg: Wearing 2+ pieces of Ninja gear and POOF! You look like a Ninja)
    3. Item Sets (Eg: Wearing all the gear with “Wizard” in it offers a higher Magic and MP Regen bonus)
    4. Combining Enhancement materials for a better one (Eg: +2 Fire Att combined with +2 Water Att gives a +2 Steam Att which gives +2 to both Fire and Water Att) Just a thought.
    5. Salvage Item (Gives a chance to pull an Enhancement from a Item but destroys the item, these gained enhancements would be Legendary so you can take them from the dungeon to save for a later date)

    I could keep going but hopefully you like these ideas and add a few of them to the game or the next one in the series. Once again, well done.

  35. Please allow us to pay Kongregate Kredits to buy the premium when it comes out so that we don’t have to start over. Would be much appreciated, thanks!

  36. Hi! I just wanted to drop by and say I really loved both of the Enchanted Cave games, the sequel especially! The simplicity and yet deceptively (but mostly emergently!) intricate complexity of the enchanting and equipment choices the player makes just drew me right in, so I’ve spent the last couple of days on a binge of TEC2. Managed to pull off a three-wing run of the game — I love how the gear and ability scaling times just so with the monsters, so you’re constantly on the brink of having your defenses shattered.

    I was also excited when I saw what good fullscreen support the game contained, especially for something done in Flash (not to mention the fact that the UI remained impeccable when expanded) — I can tell a bit of time was sunk into that. 🙂 The hotbar extending to fill the space was especially nice.

    I wasn’t originally going to come here and just praise the game; I had a couple of bugs I also thought bore mention — sometimes the mouseover text for equipment on the hotbar sticks (never disappears) when multiple items of gear are switched quickly; and the text describing containers after they’re clicked when using Telekinesis (the ones that say “Normal Chest” or “Consumable Chest”, etc.) can sometimes be hidden by exploration fog (if you select a box at the far range of your vision, the text can be cut off by the blackness).

    However, it seems the game is no longer anything like new, and you’ve most likely moved on to bigger and better things (and possibly fixed those very bugs in the premium version!), so I’ll leave it at this — this is the first free game I’ve seen in a long time that I liked enough to want to support the developer by buying the paid version. Thank you for making such a thoroughly charming and enjoyable experience.

  37. Hey there. Is it still possible to get the benefit of the VIP tier ($50) at this point? And if so, when do these benefits end? I could possibly fund by February or so, and I really loved The Enchanted Cave and would love to get #2 for me and a friend, not to mention any of your future works! You’re a great game developer!

  38. I love EC and I am stoked to hear of a sequel. I like the game overall, and I think it can only get better. I would love to help, in any way possible. I am a mid range flasher and a rpg freak. This is exciting man, to say the least. Keep it up!

  39. Hi! I really enjoyed the The Enchanted Cave on Kongregate and wanted to purchase it on my ipad, but something confused me. Have you outsourced the game to a company called Robots and Pencils? I checked on iphone and android versions and they show your name as the seller, but on ipad version, it’s Robots and Pencils. That confused me as it isn’t mentioned on the page anywhere and the game looks the same but the title excludes the “the”…

    1. Hi there, the Robots and Pencils version was outsourced for iPad shortly after the flash game was made, and I had just handed over the assets and source code in exchange for some royalties for a year. The one under iPhone is my own version, which is the same as the Android version I was doing the mobile port for. I think the iPhone version is much better since it’s more with what my vision is for the game and I put a ton of work into optimizing the UI for touchscreen, but of course I would be biased. 🙂

  40. I visit your website regulalry but there is no info on TEC 2 since a long time ago. Did you manage to make some progress on it?
    Best regards.
    Michał from Poland .

    1. Hi, a lot of work lately has been with the Enchanted Cave mobile ports but I’m trying to get some art together for a TEC2 kickstarter. I just don’t have a lot of time lately.

  41. Hello,
    Your game, The Enchanted Cave is amazing!
    Keep up the good work.
    I was actually wondering, can you tell in what software or how the music for the game was made?
    I’d be very grateful for the answer.
    Have a nice day,
    (P.S. English is not my native language.)

    1. Hi and thanks! I actually didn’t make the music. The composer Alonso made it and used garageband I believe, although now he is using logic pro and reason 5. I’m not much of an audio guy at all, so I hardly know anything about those myself, just passing on info!

    2. Dustin,
      thanks for your enchanted cave game. It’s hard to appreciate its qualities until you get deeper and deeper. I quit at level 50 because I died and now have to start at 29 ughhh or leave it.

      I prefer it to the parasite game. Shame when things don’t work out eh.
      Another example of effort vs appreciation fails are games like demon’s/dark souls. Hard, but fair and look very non generic.

      1. Thanks! The Enchanted Cave is the one game I enjoyed the most developing. That probably says something. I’m going to focus on that with future games.

  42. Hey Dustin!

    I played TEC a few years back, and i just stumbled upon it again the other day and replayed the whole thing. Took me 6 wings to beat the game (i was really lucky with loot tho) so it gave me a bittersweet taste for more. Then i saw your website and that u were working in a sequel, and boy, was I happy!
    Then i read some answers from you saying that you hardly got the time to develop it anymore :/ Made me sad, I truly love the “Grind your way from the bottom, become stronger each try” kind of games.
    Wouldn’t it help if you got help from a friend or something? Maby having an other person there to bounce ideas with will make it more fun to take up the project again?

    Just wanted to say TEC is by far one of the best flash games i’ve playd, so I’m really looking forward to a 2nd one!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I’m working on an Android port for the game right now, and most probably a kickstarter for TEC2 after that. I just don’t have the time and energy with an unrelated full time job programming to finish such a large project in my spare time in any kind of reasonable amount of time, so that’s where a kickstarter would come into play.

  43. Any idea when the enchanted cave 2 will be out? The first one is definitely one of the best flash games I’ve played so I am hoping you haven’t given up on the sequel :s

    1. Well, I may start working on it again. I actually got a full-time job in web development at a great company so financially anyway I’m better now than when I was in college but I don’t know how many hours I’ll be putting into TEC2. I stare at computers and code all day for my job, so that makes it kind of hard to do anymore on my own.

      I would like to though when I find the time. Thanks for the comment!

  44. I’m sure you get this frequently, but I want to let you know how much I enjoyed The Enchanted Cave. I can count on one hand – with a couple of fingers left over – the number of games that inspired me to find the developer’s website to see if a sequel was in the works.

    Keep up the good work! I will be eagerly anticipating the sequel and hope you find much success with it.

  45. What made you decide to do Enchanted Cave 2? My roommate and I have beaten the first one several times on Kongregate. It is really an inspiration for me as a game designer. You did so much right with very few things that stood out as ‘not quite right’ (some of which you seem to be addressing in the sequel) all while keeping the game amazingly simple. We both felt that a sequel could really only be ‘less than’, not that I’m not excited for it anyway. I’m just curious what your thought process was.

    1. Well I decided to make Enchanted Cave 1 because I wanted to make a game for the public and learn how to program. I thought the Ancient Cave from Lufia II for SNES was a lot of fun but it’s an old game and most gamers nowadays have never played or heard of it, so I made a flash game based on that concept for today’s gamers to play.

      Today mobile games are huge and much more popular than flash, and my goal is to make a very polished Enchanted Cave available for these devices. Fix anything that’s off in the original, and add some simple improvements for a high-quality game.

  46. Hi Dustin, just curious if you’ve had any progress with Enchanted Cave 2? Been waiting for this for a long time, hoping you have something juicy coming soon to cure my boredom. Awesome work on the first in the series, I’ll have to check out some of your other games.

  47. I love Enchanted Cave! I still play it often, even a year after I beat it. I know its out on the Ipad, but do you plan on putting it on the android?

    1. No plans for the android, sorry. If the sequel does well as flash I may look into porting a version of it to the iphone/ipod touch myself though. I suppose it’s possible a third party could port that one to the android as well though, through some kind of deal with them.

      But nothing more for Enchanted Cave 1.

  48. Wow, had no idea that you made Parasite Strike until I finished The Enchanted Cave tonight and enjoyed it so much that I visited your site. Started playing PS first actually, and still working on that. It reminds me a lot of UN Squadron, one of my favorite games from the 90s, and the artwork was stellar. Keep up the good work!

  49. I totally agree with Tommy Lee Kid. I have been spending the last 2 Days playing your ‘The enchanted cave’ and am now a bit sad to find that there is no sequel or part 2 to this beautiful piece of software.
    Greetings and best of luck from germany !

  50. I just wanted to say excellent work on the enchanted cave, man. Its one of the most addictive flash games, indeed one the most addictive games period, I’ve ever played. And I’ve played a ton of games: I like the medieval period RPG/strategy genres best. I got more enjoyment out of playing your college experimental flash game than out of many of the the excellent graphically intensive games I’ve purchased. Just goes to show than replayability and gameplay trumps snazzy graphics every time. If you made a sequel, I’m sure thousands of us would be cheering you on. Great work, look forward to your new stuff. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot! I totally agree that gameplay is the key component that makes a fun game, so I try to make it my main focus in my games.

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