Jetscout: Boot Camp – coming soon!

Jetscout: Boot Camp is a companion game to the recently released Jetpack-based platformer Jetscout: Mystery of the Valunians (MotV), which is a full, premium game on PC, Android, and iOS for $4.99 with no ads or IAP.

Jetscout: Boot Camp will be an completely free game with no ads or IAP, and will provide a small, 3-mission demo-like experience to allow players to try out a Jetscout game for free. Boot Camp is not just a generic demo of just a single duplicate mission from the premium game, but instead has 3 unique missions of easy, medium, and hard difficulties.

Jetscout: Boot Camp has the theme of the being a software simulation called JETS (Jetscout Essential Training Simulation). When the player is ready, they can select a button in-game to embark on their first real Jetscout mission, and be directed to the appropriate app store to view and hopefully purchase Jetscout: Mystery of the Valunians.

Navigating a section of the first easy mission of Boot Camp

Since the underlying engine is complete already, the development of Boot Camp almost entirely consists of just creating new mission content like art, new hazards, level design, and music, so development should move relatively quickly.

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