New Game Announcement! Jetscout: Mystery of the Valunians

After working on a handful of smaller projects the past few years, I’m very happy to announce my newest game in development: Jetscout: Mystery of the Valunians

Jetscout: Mystery of the Valunians is a jetpack-based platformer by Dustin Auxier where you maneuver your way through alien worlds to solve the strange mystery behind the Valunians and their friends who are trapped an enormous containment facility. Play as Muun, a Jetscout initiate as you dash, flip, and burn your way through hostile environments to fight a mind-bending cosmic evil!

Each mission in the game features a series of checkpoint landings spread through dangerous caverns or other alien structures. The gameplay is a more forgiving version of the”Lunar Lander” type of movement – you avoid all walls and hazards but can land sideways on platforms, and “easy” or “normal” difficulty modes provide you with a nifty shield that will absorb damage once and regenerate upon landing at the next checkpoint. However even at low difficulty levels the many dangerous hazards, narrow tunnels, or high gravity planets provide plenty of challenges!

On mobile the game makes great use of your device’s accelerometer to turn by tilting your device, while a tap of the screen anywhere is your jetpack thrust. On Desktop the game can be enjoyed with keyboard controls but is best enjoyed with a controller!

Jetscout: Mystery of the Valunians will be available on PC, iOS, and Android in the summer of 2020. Stay tuned here, on my facebook page, or on my twitter for future updates where I’ll share new enemies or levels as they are created!

One thought on “New Game Announcement! Jetscout: Mystery of the Valunians

  1. Looks great. The New level indicator is a clear improvement. Can’t wait for the next round of testing. The new hazards and features look fun.

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