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This is for anyone learning AS3, who may be interested in seeing the Parasite Strike Source code for reference. It is given as-is, with little to no comments, and probably a few poor coding practices here and there, but hopefully you can learn something useful from it.

Please ask me before you copy chunks of code into a game you’re planning on making money off of. I’ll probably be cool with it if you ask nicely and change the code around to make it your own, as long as it’s a relatively small portion.

Included is all of the .as files and a .swc file with the assets so that you can compile the game yourself.

If you want to use the level editor I used, you can uncomment some lines in the createGameWindow method of the TitleScreen class, which will give a button on the title screen. Also you’ll have to uncomment the entire class as well as the class… I did this to cut down on a few kb of size in the final release because the Level Editor is available in the game released to the public. 😛 (MoveDisplay is only used in the level editor).

My method of creating levels is that the level editor has a trace button that traces data in code format that I can paste into, an enormous mess of 32,000 lines of data.

The controls of the Level Editor have no documentation because I was the only person who was ever using it, but a few controls are:

Click and Drag to select multiple tiles
M – moves the selection
C – copies and moves the selection (there’s no paste)
Delete – deletes the selection

You can save a level from the editor locally, just type in a number, and remember that number to load it.

Or when loading you can load a level from the game. There are two boxes, the first is the mission number (0 – 12 or 13 I think), the second is the difficulty number, 0,1,2,or 3.

I’m sure the level editor may be confusing at times with no help because I never planned on releasing it publicly (originally if the game did well, I would have polished up the editor, added some help docs and included it in the sequel… but that never happened).

That’s the basics, if you have any questions on any part of the code, please leave a comment here so others can see the solution as well. I check for new comments daily, so you can expect a reply within 24 hours (unless I’m out of town or something).

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