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Sorry I haven’t posted anything in months.  So let’s recap on things:

The platformer game seen a couple of posts below has been scrapped, and much of it’s physics and level building mechanics were reused to make Treasure Tower Trouble.

Treasure Tower Trouble flopped because it wasn’t very original, and I spent way too much time on it.

So.  Enchanted Cave 2.  Still gonna happen.  I want to say it will be my next game I release, but I can’t say for certain.  I do however want to post more updates on it, which will hopefully put me in a rhythm of getting some stuff done on it, even with work and school.

A lot of the work I’ve done lately on it has been boring stuff like thinking of new items and putting them into the database.  Which is basically a lot of thinking and tedious typing.  Plus there’s a lot more of them than TEC1 (yay!) so it’s takes a while.