The Enchanted Cave 2 coming to mobile Friday, April 17th!

This Friday the 17th the premium version of The Enchanted Cave 2 will be available on Android phones and tablets and *possibly* iOS phones and tablets!

The game began the app review process on the 10th which tends to take Apple around a week, so iOS could be delayed a bit.

Steam will be later because I’m going through some tax verification process which is taking a while… lots of stuff out of my control at this point!

18 thoughts on “The Enchanted Cave 2 coming to mobile Friday, April 17th!

  1. Suggestion: It doesn’t look like you’ve been active on the TouchArcade Forums about v2. Maybe try to start drumming up some press there? I’d hate to see this get a lukewarm release.

    1. Dangitall, Dustin, now you’ve gone and forced me to start eagerly checking every day to see when the app is finally cleared for sale. I hope you are happy with yourself! 😛

    I have computers so, i’m just completely excite to android version *—*
    But i have a doubt… how expensive it’s gonna be…?

    1. No, this would be a bit technical, plus there are many differences in game balance so your game file after playing the flash won’t be an accurate example of what kind of stats you’d have in the premium at that point.

    1. No, I’m avoiding doing any kind of paid things in flash; there’s too many browser/os/plugins combinations that can potentially mess with stuff leading to angry customers.

    1. I haven’t tested it but I think iPhone 4 should be ok, but will probably be the oldest device supported. The game uses a bit of memory so anything less than 512 MB may not work. iPhone 4 has 512 MB, and an iPad mini I’ve tested on also with 512 MB runs the game without problem.

  3. Great work.
    So Steam is unavoidable, huh? I guess we’ll have to deal with it.
    Just out of curiosity, does the inventory still display artifacts when using Transmute, or only regular items? (Which is obviously the way to go.)

    1. Yes my company is new so tax verification with the IRS takes a while. I’m literally just waiting on that right. Can’t even test steam achievements or anything with the steam API until that’s done. :/

      Transmute displays artifacts but they’re greyed-out.

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