20 thoughts on “The Enchanted Cave 2 now out on Steam!

  1. Hi Mr Auxier !
    As a huge fan of the Ancient Cave of Lufia II, I had really liked TEC1 so I’m interested in buying TEC2 Premium for PC.
    I see it is available on GOG.com as DRM-FREE. Since you don’t mention non-Steam versions on your own site, I wanted to know if the GOG version is really a PC version that you can play without Steam.
    I also so on another page of your site (http://okshur.com/the-enchanted-cave-2-now-out-on-steam#comment-35773) that one person had reported micro-freeze issues on the Premium PC version. Have you been able to fix them and if not, do you know if everyone encountered them or only this person?
    Thanks in advance for your answers and have a good day!

  2. Howdy, I found your game on the Humble Bundle store and I’m interested in picking it up. Does it require Steam? It’s listed with the DRM-free tag, and then in the description it says “The Enchanted Cave 2 is provided via Steam key.”
    Which is it?

    1. The game just now went live and I am still working out things with humble but it should give you a DRM-free copy. If it doesn’t I’ll try to have them fix that soon!

  3. All right! I did like Michael Jackson and beat it after a fine number of days playing 🙂

    Thanks for the great experience! I’m going to continue playing + try the new game+ and see how I fare, but over a much more gradual period of time hehe.

  4. To the people who keeps asking me for my wings: F*** You.

    I don’t trust you. I don’t care. Feel free to die in the cave.

  5. Yay!!!!!!111 I’m so glad this finally came onto steam <3 I rather enjoy this game.
    My one suggestion if possible would be to make items drag-able. Mostly this comes with crafting/enchanting. Having to first click on the item you want to use, then the slot, then the item again is sorta tedious. It would also make for a good addition in the app version as well.
    Also, it would be nice to open the floor map and click on a space and move there, would make traversing larger/longer floors a bit nicer.

    Otherwise the game is pure awesomeness. :3

  6. One question: where is the save file located? I need to make backups! Is it one of the .dll?

    Also, I don’t want to sound melodramatic, but there is a problem which wasn’t in the Flash version: frequent microfreezes. Every 20 steps on average (but this varies by a lot), the characters stops for a split second. Very annoying, because keyboard input isn’t processed during the freeze and you can easily get into enemies or stairs you planned to avoid.

    Is Steam to blame, of is it related to the additions of the premium version (loops in the code or something)? It happens everywhere, even in the village or on floors where no enemy remains.

    That issue excepted, everything works like a charm.

    1. On Windows your save is the .sol file located at C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\okshur\Enchanted Cave 2
      (The AppData folder is hidden so you’ll have to show hidden files or just go to the full path)

      Not sure on the microfreezes, does it still occur both when the game is fullscreen and windowed?

      1. Thank you, I don’t know how I missed it.

        The microfreezes occur both in windowed and fullscreen mode, yes. Strange because my computer is quite powerful. It’s annoying but I can live with it.

    1. seems it is after you have screen resized and do alt-tab. after restarting the game the grey screen wont come aslong you not change te resolution again

  7. Finally!!!

    Are you planning to add more achievements? 14 is such a small number.

    I see a lot of potential there for incremental achievements (do X ten times, do X a hundred times, do X ten thousand times, etc.):

    – kill such-and-such total number of monsters
    – visit such-and-such total number of floors
    – reach such-and-such threshold of attack/defense/magic points
    – collect such-and-such total number of gold pieces
    – deal this much damage
    – cast such-and-such spell this many times
    – etc.

    Great game by the way, I love the Enchanted Cave!!!

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