The Enchanted Cave 2 Premium

Premium is currently in development.
Expected Release Date: April 2015.

Premium features include:

  • 20 extra floors + extended storyline
  • multiple playable characters to choose from
  • more NPCs and sidequests
  • more items
  • more monsters
  • more spells
  • native fullscreen capability
  • longer, higher quality music tracks
  • plus plenty of smaller details for a highly-polished game

In addition to the above, the steam version is planned to include Workshop support, allowing you to create your own or use other player’s mods to use your own characters, enemies or items in the game. Plus of course steam achievements.

The premium version will be $4.99 for PC and Mac with steam sales often.
The mobile versions for iOS and Android will be at a permanent 40% off sale at $2.99

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The Enchanted Cave 2 Presskit

84 thoughts on “The Enchanted Cave 2 Premium

  1. When is the Steam version going to be released? It’s extremely frustrating because I can’t play this game any other way. I just want it to be available on PC because I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Thank you.

  2. ***** Minor spoilers *****
    Dear devs of this awesome game.
    I just finished the premium version level 100 and started second playthrough of much tougher dungeon. I am now stuck in cave level 60. How am I suppose to continue deeper? I have 450 defense and monsters have 600-650 attack. Vendors in the cave sell low quality gear from first run and monsters also drop poor quality items similar from first run.
    Did I miss something or how are you suppose to make your character progress through second run in the cave?

    1. All about them potions. Get the transmutation spell and get grinding, because you’ll need more than a few. ‘Nother suggestion, spec your character for unholy levels of defense. That seems to work well enough to get me thru New Game+++, though honestly it just makes me use fewer potions.

  3. Around 5 dollars for this game is too much, as well as around 3 dollars for the phone versions, since the game offers no real deep gameplay and is quite too easy. Its not worth paying for that. But thanks to google and android you can play the “free” version short after release. ;P

    1. Are you kidding me??? 5$ for a game of that quality is extremly low. I keep seeing big AAA games at 60 to 70$ + 30 to 40 $ if you want to pre-order it or get the “limited edition” + whatever on-disc-dlc or even content ripped off the game to sell as dlc on release date, with even less content than the first enchanted cave had…. And i’m not even talking about how these AAA games takes you as an utter idiot who can’t possibly be able to solve a “real” puzzle…. But Seriously, check the game pricing history and you could be very surprised…

      1. I would personally pay even more.
        I have played the first game to completion and played the second one quite a substantial (substantiol?) amount. And i enjoyed it alot.

        Can’t wait for the release.

    2. Back in the day, a Lufia series cartridge was what, 45 dollars? Ancient dungeon was maybe a tenth of the gameplay, if we’re modest. This price is pretty on point.

    1. It can be done the way Clicker Heroes does it, i.e. you click the save button and the game gives you a text file with a string of characters which you can then feed back into the game later to return it to the state it was in when the string was generated.

  4. Great game, epic soundtrack, my only improvement would be a ‘load game’ feature so when you restart your browser you can continue from where you left off. Awesome work otherwise =)

  5. Just finished the game on Kongregate. Love the improvements over the first one!
    It is a little easy after a while with all the enchantments etc.
    I am not entirely happy about the skill tree. I feel like there should be some skills towards elemental defense and attack. But, thats just me. Other than that, great game! cant wait for it to come out on mobile devices, so I can spend my time between classes slaving away to the game heh.

    1. Yes, the skill tree should be expanded; right now, there are no real choices, you just pick everything from either the warrior or the mage branch depending on your preference and then go for the extra gold/item drops one, and get as much of it as you can before defeating the final boss. It shouldn’t be so straightforward.

      Then again, maybe it should be. I mean, at the end of the day it’s “just” a flash game. Meh. I’m definitely buying the premium version though, but not on Steam. Fuck Steam.

  6. Love the game and the improvements. I look forward to the polished game and awesome soundtrack! Keep up that labor of love Dustin.

  7. Will it work under Linux/SteamOS?

    I like the game and have finished on Kongregate, but I have no intention of using Windows or Mac anytime soon (or, most likely, ever again). So if it won’t work on Linux (or SteamOS, which is a Linux distro), there is no point in me buying (sure, there’s a good chance I could get it working through wine and/or playonlinux, but I’m not in a position to be gambling what little entertainment budget I might have).

  8. 10 $ for this game u kidding us???that must be free or max 1 to 2 $,and still not many will give money for shet.But yes you you get 9,99$ from many little idiots with rich perants-S

      1. Plenty of people can’t afford this game. Plenty of people can’t afford to eat or keep themselves warm. As adults. In the US (a first world nation). With jobs. With access to the Internet. And sometimes even a smartphone and/or laptop.

        1. Almost all people here can afford a connection to the world wide web. So I highly doubt, they can’t spend 10 bucks for a decent game. 10 bucks are 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes. And if you really can’t afford it: Play the free version as long as you want.

          1. Quite an assumption to say that because someone is here they can afford…anything. Even the connection to the internet isn’t necessarily being paid for by the person visiting here (I don’t mean parents either – many businesses, libraries, and even some municipalities have internet available to the public…hardly few enough places to be certain “almost all” visitors can afford their own). Personally I’ve been technically homeless (couch hopping) with no money at the time and still maintained a presence online.

            As far as what $10 is…cigarettes? Well if you want to give that example, it could also be a small bag of tobacco and a carton of tubes. I’d be more likely to say that it’s a fairly good meal out for one, fast food for two (depending on how you do it), a meal at home for four where I am, or food and drinking water for a day for what? 10? in parts of the developing world…

            My point isn’t even about if I can afford it or not – most months I could. My point is that dismissing the idea that is major to another person is stupid. You don’t know their story.

            (of course insisting someone should give you their work for free, like the actual original poster seemed to be doing, isn’t any better. Let other people try to make a living, and if you can’t afford it – or if you just don’t think it’s worth what they want – there are usually alternatives, like the free version here)

            1. Quit whining. The game will obviously be cracked on day 1 so that miserly cunts like you can play it for free. If you enjoy it (of course you’ll enjoy it), at least donate that $1 or $2 afterwards.

              $10 is a reasonable price, not just for EC2 premium but also for what we already got for free, i.e. EC1 + regular EC2.

              Want to see EC3? Then buy EC2 premium, simple. Not eating for a day isn’t the end of the world – though for your fat ass perhaps it is, I don’t know.

              1. Just to clarify in this comment thread for others reading, I’ve changed the price to $4.99 today, with a more official announcement of the steam version coming soon with a trailer and more screenshots and such. Some are fine with $9.99 but I do think $4.99 will be a better price for steam as a whole now.

              2. I think you are low-balling yourself. I’d happily pay $10 for more content if you decide to add even more in the future.

              3. Wow. Someone admits to being poor and they’re a fat-ass who should not neat for a day to buy the game. Classy.

    1. How about you learn to speak English before calling people idiots? It is only polite not to be an idiot when calling other people out for it.

      1. Overture looks like shit. Enchanted Cave 1 and 2 both look decent enough. The graphics aren’t why we play it but they’re not a sore to look at. This simply cannot be said about Overture. It just doesn’t have what I call the MNRV (minimum non-repulsive visuals). I simply couldn’t play it.

        Enchanted Cave has that. Zelda has that. Realm of the Mad God has that. Plenty of similar games do. Overture just doesn’t. I’m not even going to give it a chance, it’s like an ugly fat chick – who cares if she has a great personality, she’s fat and ugly and that, my friend, is an instant deal breaker for me.

  9. Loved the 1st game, love the 2nd one even better. I haven’t touched Diablo 3 in the last 2 days cuz of this game… will buy the premium one as soon as it goes out.
    Thank you!!! Awesome ARPG!

  10. Awesome game, I’m playing it right now on Kongregate. One of three games I’ve ever given a full 5-star vote to. I have to know though, are the mobile and premium PC versions identical? If so, why are you charging $10 for PC and only $3 for mobile? Even if you put it on a Steam sale for 50% off, it’s still almost twice the price of the standard mobile version.

    If there is a significant difference between mobile and premium PC versions, please explain how they are different to justify the price being over 3x more on Steam. I want to support this game, but I don’t want to get ripped off when the mobile version is so much cheaper. I don’t own a smart phone, so that method is not an option for me.

    1. Also to clarify, I see that you are adding workshop support and achievements to the Steam version. But as a player who doesn’t care to mod most of his games, nor cares much for Steam achievements, I’m wondering if these are the only differences on Steam. If they are, I’ll wait until a 75% or greater sale so I’m not paying way more for the same game on PC versus mobile.

        1. READ the post you’re replying to, and do this CAREFULLY before posting replies to it.
          “I don’t own a smart phone, so that method is not an option for me.”

  11. Nothing to complain or ask about, just wanted to thank you for the free Kong version, although lacking in content compared to the future premium version, I’m still enjoying it.
    Here’s hoping you’ll meet the success you deserve with your serie.

  12. Seems like I intuitively found a good way to do it: I only had to “Escapewing” once somewhere around lvl 20 or so in the Kongregate-Version, and then went straight through.
    Lot’s of Equipment-Micromanagement, though.

    I am a no-steamer, so I’d really enjoy a Deluxe version on Kong and would willingly throw some money at you for it!

    Would love to finish those last 20 Levels. 🙂

    1. I too agree with this, many kongregate players would definitely support, and appreciate a deluxe version on kongregate. Complications can be gone through with Kong admins, they can help.

  13. How deep will customization go? i’d like to be able to create a whole custom campaign on the steam version. Custom enemies, floors, weapon drops, NPCs, etc.

    1. Easiest to do would be all items, enemies, playable heroes and dungeon tilesets could be completely replaced or added onto. Some other adjustments like floor shapes as well. Probably the option for as many floors as a modder wants, in case someone wanted to make a 10000 floor dungeon or something, should be possible. 🙂

        1. That’d require a bit more work, so I’ll have to see how to the reception is on the first moddable stuff to see if it’s worth adding that.

  14. I’d like to see a hard mode. Sure, you have to farm ten runs or so to finish, but there isn’t ever any real need to take big risks to make progress. Like maybe if you had designated escapes on certain floors instead of escape wings…

    Even achievements for making it X far in Y runs would help set a higher standard than is set by the natural game tempo.

    1. Why I am only selling it for $2.99 on mobile? That’s a ridiculous steal compared to the full price of $9.99. Games above $2.99 on mobile tend to not sell well at all.

      1. He/she was saying if the game would be $2.99 on pc, then he/she would buy the game. Over being charged more for a device that you cant play unless at a cpu screen.

        1. Are there things that you will be putting into the PC/Mac version that aren’t in the mobile, or is it in some way harder to develop for? I understand your point that pricier games don’t sell well on mobile devices, but I wouldn’t enjoy this game as much on my phone. That being said I can’t justify paying more then 3 times as much for the same game just because I want to play it on my desktop. This is a fun game, and if there is something extra I’m getting for my $7 then great I’ll probably buy it, if not you probably lost a customer(or customers as it sounds like others agree with me). I’m not trying to be a jerk, but charging different prices for the same thing based on device is going to drive people away unless there is some reasoning behind it.

          1. “In addition to the above, the steam version is planned to include Workshop support, allowing you to create your own or use other player’s mods to use your own characters, enemies or items in the game.”

      1. I think a “password” system like in old games would do fine. Exporting stats and base artifacts (but not enchantments) would be very easy to do.

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