The Enchanted Cave 2 Premium Progress

Premium progress is well under way! At this point a lot of screenshots or gifs would be kind of spoilery since they are end-game stuff so I won’t be posting much. Finished working on a storm though to set the mood for the end-game:

15 thoughts on “The Enchanted Cave 2 Premium Progress

  1. What I really like to do in this game is try and complete the game without using the wings. It’s tough, but really makes the game interesting since you need to make correct decisions and have decent luck about everywhere. I hope that’ll still be possible in the premium version, Along that it maybe becomes an achievement?

  2. This is a fantastic game, and while I eagerly await the premium release, here are my comments:

    – Need more Wind Defense enchantments

    – Gold is more or less superfluous as currently designed.

    – Enchanting/transmuting requiring MP makes me not want to cast spells ever, since enchantments are the key to success. I find myself saving MP for this alone and avoiding battles/loot chance just to get to a forge while I have the ingredients. I would think battling would be it’s own choice unrelated to what loot I already have.

    – The potion skill tree can be useful if players are forced to use potions more often, especially crafted, but that means the availability of crafting potions needs to be higher. Maybe don’t require a forge to make potions, increase the drop rate of non-health/mp potion ingredients, something to make the tree worth going into.

    – Decimate is just inferior to bleed as designed. I realize decimate works when bleed doesn’t, but not enough to make it worth enchanting considering that bleed has higher damage.

    – More equipment with enchantment slots filled with enhancements unattainable through self enchanting! I think it’s terrific to see things like Ninja Gear, or a +10 HP Regen, etc that you don’t want to overwrite.

    – The easiest way to beat the game is to defense up. I skilled into the Magic tree for transmute and heal. The damage enhancements were only useful if I was forced to damage fast enough to compensate for the damage I was receiving because my defense (magic or otherwise) was too low. Once I get my defense up enough then magic, damage, and potions become superfluous. Maybe give monsters the ability to bleed or ignore defense or don’t let me get my defense high enough… something to compensate for “easy mode”. And don’t forget to let players compensate for the new deficit by improving crafted potion usage!

    Amazing game and I will be paying for premium on Android when available!

    1. “Maybe don’t require a forge to make potions”

      Forges are only required to enchant equipment; potions can be mixed anywhere. And boy am I glad for that allowance.

  3. Great game and more addictive than meets the eye!
    For the sake of making it that extra bit better (or at least challenging), after hundreds of hours of testing, and numerous finishes from start to end without wings and clearing every level (no monsters left alive), I feel inclined to propose several difficulty suggestions that come to mind:
    a) The combat tree is far superior to the potions whilst the magic tree is pitifully under-powered (except for of course heal).
    b) Viscous Goop (+3 base hit points per battle – 3hpb) becomes accessible by floor eleven and by the time the floor fifteen forge is reached, the game becomes significantly easier (assuming you gathered 3+); similarly for Fractal Cabbages (+2mpb) on the twenties’ floors, can’t help but think that the cabbages were mistakenly replaced by the mid/late game Mortimus Irons (+1 mpb)
    c) Taking the above on board, the challenge curve starts tough, by floor twenty its either near impossible or a cake walk (depending on how many heal pots/viscous goops dropped). By floor 30 its still hit and miss with gear/cabbages, but if one can survive to 40, then the game is down hill from there.
    d) On the other side of the spectrum, certain attributes are redundant and practically inessential. For example, and this is typical in many if not most games that have an economy, the gold is so abundant that any gold-increasing attribute becomes superfluous.
    Item drop % appears to fall into the same category, yet both qualities are rather late game.
    Crit chance is not too far off, for even though it has its use, it practically becomes viable if and when you deal so much damage that it can supercede other base-dmg enchantments, but that will not happen until the game is completed several times over (~400 dmg).

    In any case, for such a simple game , its remarkably entertaining, great job and keep at it!

  4. Great work, I just found this game through Kongregate after looking into rogue-like games. You’ve done an excellent job and I can’t wait for the desktop version.

  5. What is the initial price going to be? Also, will there be any plans for additional content stuff later on like free updates or DLC type stuff?

  6. Just saw the flash version on Kongregate. It’s great to get a quick peek, now I’m just waiting for the steam release.

    Good luck for your progress.

  7. Apologies if you’ve already answered this question elsewhere, but will there be some way to port save games from the flash version to the premium version?

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