10 thoughts on “Parasite Strike Release!

  1. a really great game!!! *respect*
    I am looking forward to a second part, insofar as it is planned
    Really good work, it’s really fun to play

    greetings, dasding

    (please excuse my english)

  2. oh, i forgot to mention… great game, have really enjoyed the game. reminds me of playing U.N. Squadron on snes at my grandfather’s house as a kid!!

    1. thanks! The angle variation is how random the bullet flight is. If you upgrade it to 0 degrees, the bullets will follow the exact same straight path each time. The lower upgrades are higher variations that spread the bullets out more.

      Sometimes you may prefer a looser spread, so you shouldn’t upgrade the variation in that case.

  3. can anyone help: i may be completely overlooking something obvious, but what does the angle variation level up for the weapons do. i have found it does not affect the degree in which the weapons angle can be set, still 50 and -35 degrees no matter what level the variation is upgraded to.

  4. Well, after a couple of days playing this, I must say I’m impressed. Very slick look, great action, with a smooth design and an upgrade system that’s quite fun to explore!

    I’ve noticed one problem, though: It looks like the game (and/or Flash) doesn’t unload the levels from memory after they’re completed. Flash (yes, I have the newest version) allocates more and more memory with each level played, until the game finally freezes at the “loading level” screen and I’m forced to reload the page. (At which point I can resume exactly where I left off, so nothing’s lost except time.)

    Aside from that, though, it’s a very professional piece of work! Well done!

    (My compliments to the artists and the musician as well! That hangar music is gonna haunt me for a while!)

    1. Glad you liked it, and thanks for the detailed bug report! I’m actually finishing up a major update right for it that fixes that bug as far as I can tell, and adds some extra flashiness to it. It’ll actually be resubmitted as an entirely new game with a new name even, and with a different kind of marketing in hopes that this new version will be more appealing to the majority of flash gamers (young teens). As it is now, it seems that either people really enjoy it, or absolutely despise it, and all those 1/10 ragequits can really injure a rating.

      1. Yeah, now I wonder about that name too. A lot of kids will see the words “Zombie” and “Alien” and assume it’s a game where they’ll be dealing directly with zombies and aliens, which means blood and gore and violence and all that stuff kids love… And then it ends up being a plane shooting at other planes. It’s a very cool plane-shooting-at-other-planes game, but I can understand how it would disappoint the “gamer kids” who were hoping for splattering guts.

        Another thought has occurred to me, and that’s regarding the intro: Its length and depth don’t really fit, stylistically, with a fast-action shoot-em-up like this one. When it comes to blasters like this one, typically, the less plot, the better! Consider something much simpler, such as: “An asteroid struck the earth at the location of a secret military base. We lost contact with the base and assume no one survived. But now we’ve gained access to surveillance which suggests that our military personnel, while still alive, have all been taken over by some sort of alien parasites. We’re also detecting increasing signs of hostile activity. The time to strike is now! It’s time for Stargunne– Uh, I mean, Parasite Strike!”

        I agree, that’s a better name. I was going to suggest “Alien Parasite Attack” but then I saw yours and I like yours better!

        I do think, however, the name “Zombie Alien Parasites”, and the original intro in full, probably would’ve been great for a platformer or top-down strategy/action game centered around the same themes and settings. Idea for a future project, maybe?

        1. Actually, I really didn’t focus on plot much on more on gameplay for this type of game. Which is weird because I see a lot of comments that say “awesome story, gameplay sucked” or something of the sort.

          Anyway as for future projects, I may be feeling like an Enchanted Cave 2. At least the gameplay there has been a proven success.

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