Wasteland Orchard Released!

This year I took a short break from Order of Athanor development while I took care of some IRL stuff (mainly moving and taking care of some home projects). During this time I took on a side project, which is now released!
Wasteland Orchard is an idle/roguelite game and is completely free, using rewarded ads for monetization.


The world is a barren wasteland, ravaged by storms and radiation. Can you grow an orchard to rebuild civilization?
Select your desired resistances and fruit attributes as you cross-breed more trees and plant more seeds! Explore more of the procedurally generated map each run to gather more resources and trade with townsfolk.

Your trees in Wasteland Orchard continue growing while your away so check back daily to harvest, plant, build, and explore more of the world!



Wasteland Orchard is an idle farming game with roguelike elements. The goal is to survive progressively more-destructive storms as you expand and grow an orchard of trees. Choose which resistances and other attributes you want for your trees by cross-breeding trees and carefully selecting the best seeds. Time passes and trees continue to grow and produce fruit while you are away in typical idle game fashion, with the world map and game events being randomized every run.

The play-style is to check on your trees, harvest fruit, and expand your orchard once or twice or a few times a day if you like, making use of the refilling time-warp feature which lets you fast-forward time for a bit. With various gifts, restocked shops, new trade offers, new upgrades, and new animals arriving at your orchard, the daily check is meant to be always rewarding and interesting for the player.

Collect rare golden seeds to acquire permanent upgrades that persist through future runs!

I have a few content updates planned for the coming months as I shift back into Order of Athanor development, so if you have any ideas or feedback on what you liked or would like to see in Wasteland Orchard, let me know!



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